Chivalry is Dead - Free to Play, Text Themed RPG Based in Medieval Europe
Chivalry is Dead Game Rules
Rule #1
You may only have one account. Having more than one account will have them placed into the federal dungeon. If you share devices with another player, contact staff to let them know.

Rule #2
You may not send items/cash/etc to any users who share the same IP Address as you. If you are playing from the same location, it is very likely all parties involved are playing from the same IP Address.

Rule #3
Chivalry is Dead is not responsible for what happens to your account. Your password should be secure, unused by another service, and not saved to your computer.

Rule #4
Chivalry is Dead is rated PG-13. Do not swear excessively. F-Bombs, Sexual Postings/images, etc. are not allowed anywhere on the game. You will be placed in the federal dungeon for protection of the other players.

Rule #5
Chivalry is Dead does not tolerate discrimination against other players. You will be removed from the game if you make derogatory states to other players based on gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, etc.

Rule #6
Chivalry is Dead may not be played without human interaction. Auto-refreshers, bots, or any other program that allows you to play automatically are not allowed. You will be placed in the federal dungeon if you are found to be using any of these.

Rule #7
We do not appreciate advertising other games on Chivalry is Dead. This includes other online games, console games, etc. You will be placed into the federal dungeon if you advertise.

Rule #8
Chivalry is Dead Staff are volunteers, please be respectful towards them. They are giving up their playing time to help with player reports, questions, etc. Do not spam them. They will find time for you as soon as possible.

Rule #9
Chivalry is Dead Staff are not exempt from the game rules. Chivalry is Dead Staff will act professionally in all interactions with other players. If you feel they were not, please contact CID Admin [1] to review the case.

Rule #10
Non-playing accounts may not be used to receive items/currency/scrolls/etc to send to other players. Playing accounts are not allowed to giveaway currency/items/scrolls/etc to other accounts.

Rule #11
Chivalry is Dead is always in active development, so there might be bugs. Players are not to abuse bugs, should they be found. Players are also expected to report them using the forums, or by contacting an admin, all dependent on the severity.

Rule #12
Chivalry is Dead players may not change their name/display picture/forum signature/etc in hopes to identify as someone else. Players who attempt to identify themselves as staff will be placed into the federal dungeon.

Rule #13
Names that Chivalry is Dead finds offensive, usually abusive, sexually stimulating and/or racist, will be asked to be removed. If not done so in a proper time, staff will remove the offensive name. This rule also applies to names of guilds, players, etc.

Rule #14
You may only appeal your federal dungeon sentence using the in-game features available to your account. Do not ask your friends to talk to staff. Do not create another account to talk to staff. Use the in-game feature.

Rule #15
Chivalry is Dead Players who are aware of players who break rules, are just as guilty as those who broke the rules. Similarly, those who help break the rules will receive punishment as well. Report possible rule violations to staff using the Player Report form.

Rule #16
Chivalry is Dead Players may not give away all their account's possessions when they are quitting the game. Staff will also not put your account in the federal dungeon when asked. Simply log out and never log back in.

Rule #17
Staff actions are not up for debate by players. You will receive one warning, afterward, you will be dealt with accordingly. Furthermore, refusing a staff member's request, when acting as staff, is not tolerated.