Chivalry is Dead - Free to Play, Text Themed RPG Based in Medieval Europe

Chivalry is Dead

What happens when a man and his oaths come into conflict? When he is pledged to remain loyal to a King, but also to the smallfolk? What happens when you put a sword in the hand of the wrong, and the righteous falter? There is only one way to find out.

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For until I can get the game back as it was, I've temporarily disabled the Donation link. I thought it is completely unfair to have donations flowing while the game isn't "100% how it was". It'll return when I get things situated again. Thanks for understanding, I'm trying this out of good faith.:P
Posted: July 5, 2019, 2:36:54 pm
Top 10 Players
1) SLASH [323] (Level 470)
2) Mastema [225] (Level 186)
3) Miztic [161] (Level 508)
4) Morgana [177] (Level 205)
5) Malice [184] (Level 202)
6) Sita [446] (Level 190)
7) cMjteais [141] (Level 141)
8) Guardian [101] (Level 100)
9) Hawkeye [433] (Level 234)
10) Carnage [107] (Level 112)
Random Player Showcase
Miztic's display picture

Miztic [161]
Level: 508
Guild: Always2ndPlace

The Story

You are a young warrior from the town of Cornrye. You must travel to different towns and meet new people. Will you protect the weak, or destroy them? The choice is yours, but remember, there's always someone waiting for you to slip up and put your guard down.

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Making Wealth

How will you make wealth? Living and working honorably, or by committing crimes and robbing other citizens? You sculpt your own destiny.


Become a Legendary Warrior

You will need to travel to many different places outside of your hometown of Cornrye. Will you form a guild to protect the weak, or to extort them? Join now to test whether your gameplay is as sharp as your blade.

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